Pedigree Of "Midget" The First Registered
Chihuahua In America

FIRST CHIHUAHUAS REGISTERED: In 1904 the first (5) chihuahuas were registered with AKC. There were 4 females and 1 male owned by H Raynor of  El Paso, Texas. They were Midget, Bonita, Chiquita, Nellie and Tiny Tinkle Twinkle (the male).

FIRST SMOOTH COAT CHAMPION: The first Chihuahua to become a champion was named Beppie and was owned by Mrs McLean. Beppie whelped (another "doggie term" that means he was born) on February  2, 1903. She was a fawn and white in color and a smoothcoat. Her sire (doggie term for Daddy) was Bonito and her dam (doggie term for Mama) was Carlotta. Her championship was recorded in the 1908 stud book. The largest registration in those early days of 1915 were only 30 chihuahuas were registered!

Ch Schaefer's Skeeter

SMOOTHCOATS AND LONGCOATS ARE SEPARTED IN COMPETITION: At one time the long coats and smooth coats Chihuahuas competed against each other for AKC points. Finally in 1936 Dorothy Schaefer of Monrovia California started a endeavor to have the two chihuahua varieties (smoothcoat and longcoat) separated in competition. Finally in 1952 the American Kennel Club divided the varieties. Her famous Ch Schaefer's Skeeter helped bring recognition to the longcoats in September of 1952 by becoming the first longcoat to finish after coats were separated.

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