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daughter Ch Legend's First Daughter

Welcome to our little corner of the world wide web. We are the Davis family and our family has been loved by chihuahuas for generations. Thank God for the wonderful husband He blessed me with. He was fully aware what my hobby in life was going to be and sent me a husband who has shared this hobby with me for over 43 years now. He then blessed us with a son that loved to show them starting at the age of 12 and he is now 40! Prior to showing in AKC events, both our sons successfully showed quarter horses; in fact our kennel name Legend was used out of love for one our horses, whom we raised as a colt.

Our chihuahuas are raised in our home as a part of our family and have access to a huge sloped fenced yard to play in each day, weather permitting. Having been involved with horses we feel such a yard is beneficial to their well being and teaches them to properly use their body for ring presentation, regardless if they are ever shown. Like a horse, the chihuahua is just as good as the legs that carry it; making soundness our #1 goal in breeding.

We hope you enjoy your visit here and drop by often. You can also look us up on Facebook at Legend Chihuahuas.

We occasionally have young adults and puppies available on Our Lapseeker's  page, but we ABSOLUTELY DO NOT SHIP nor do we use a Nanny!! If you are looking for a show prospect, please be aware that we will not sale an intact chihuahua to people we have not personally interacted with for at least 3 years prior to purchasing.

Rick and Barbara Davis

Chihuahua Club Of America
Dixieland Chihuahua Club
Nashville Chihuahua Club

Virgie B Gardner
4/7/32 - 9/4/10

Mother ~ Grandmother ~ Great grandmother

Mom was a faithful and dedicated member of the Church Of Christ over
60 years. The peace on her face as she closed her eyes to this life of
labor showed us all her dedication was rewarded in Paradise.

While tears will never fill the void in our life, knowing she is with
the One who has dominion over all the things of Heaven
and earth gives us great comfort and peace.

We will forever and always love you Mama, your family
Rick, Barbara, Ricky, Billy & Jacob

The Davis Family

Life is a neverending enjoy it to it's fullest!
Have no regrets, climb every mountain and above all have NO FEAR!!

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