What are the advantages of choosing an adult over a puppy? For starters what you see is what they are. They are not going to change. They are at the size they are going to be with the personality they will have. They are usually housebroken, had all their shots, ring ready, possibly a champion and already spayed/neutered! All they need now is a loving lap to nestle into for the remainder of their lives which can be 20 years or more!!

Having had people ask the question, "Aren't older boys undependable?"

I would have to say, "they can be". We must keep in mind boys do have a natural instinct to mark their territory, but they can learn matters in the home. If you buy an older male that has been bred, he probably will attempt to mark his territory.

The first plan of actions is: You must learn to discipline yourself and be aware they can be questionable. Make it a habit to be one step ahead of them. In other words, don't trust them, until they earn your trust.

The second plan of action is: use a belly band. Our boys are housebroken, but occasionally they will get "territorial", so out comes the belly bands, which they hate. I tell them they have been bad as I put the belly band on. Now if I see them getting"questionable" all I have to do is show them the belly band and they will go outside or on the potty pad.

Having lived with chihuahuas all my life, I know for a fact some girls will hike their legs and can be temperamental, so let's not just label the boys.


Newborn chihuahua puppies are born with their ears and eyes closed. Between 11 days and 2 weeks chihuahua puppies begin to open their eyes for the first time. It is then up to us to allow them to see the beauty of the world. When selecting a chihuahua puppy look for one that is NO younger than 8 weeks and preferably 12 weeks. The first 8 weeks of a puppies life is very important and they need this special time with mama. It is during this time puppies learn the basics of just being a chihuahua. They learn to walk, eat, play, bark and trust humans.

When picking out your puppy observe how they act with each other and with you as the stranger. If one bounces around happily barking at you,keep in mind that puppy will be a very active adult. This bold puppy might be happiest playing catch with a very active family.

On the other hand there might be one puppy that kinda hides in the corner just watching. Remember if the puppy is shy, it doesn't necessarily mean he is sick. Perhaps this puppy is just very sensitive and might be happiest curled in a gentle quiet lap watching TV. Chihuahuas are like us. Some like sports and bored sitting still reading books, while others love to visit the library and read. When picking a life time friend, make sure to pick the personality that is best suited for you.


Regardless of what age you bring a chihuahua into your home they usually will adapt to your life, because they live to be loved. They have no voice to speak, but their eyes tell us their heart and look to us for their constant protection.

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