Ch D'marca Little Ricky Ricardo L R.O.M.
Finished by Rick Davis and cherished by the whole family.
Both of Ricky's littermates were finished also;
Ch Perro De Marca Carmelita S and
Ch Perro De Marca Jorge Nina S

Our website would not be complete without sharing where our show dreams began and still evolves around today. Little Ricky was bred by Bob & Barbara Lee and Karin Abe. This ball of fire was pre-named Ricky before we ever bought him. Interestingly Ricky is both my husband and my son's first name. Talk the scheme of things!

Although we had been looking for a smoothcoat to show, we instantly fell in love as we watched this 2.5 lb boy show his heart out at our local AKC show. With the performance he displayed and the movement to go with it, we bought him that day from Mike Walsh.

Ricky was shown and finished by our son, Ricky, as were 11 of his 15 champion get, earning him an Record Of Merit R.O.M. as part of his name from the Chihuahua Club Of America. Both his sire and dam held Records Of Merit.

Ch Legend's Ctl Alt Delete, 41st Bred By Champion, is four generations down from Ricky. Delete is also the last get sired by our beloved Ch Legend's Loved By The Son. We have other Ricky decendents in the ring now. To view them, go to In The Spotlight. One can easily see Ricky is a living memory and truly was a gift from above as our dreams renew themselves year after year.

We were blessed with little Ricky for many years, but one day he left our world as quickly and unexpectedly as he entered most angels do. As I cradled him in my arms, I made him one last keep his memory alive and never give up our dream. He gave me that one last kiss and passed away in my arms. We will never let go of our memories Ricky.

Lord willing Ricky's legacy will continue to
to shine for many years to come!!

Below are Ricky's 15 champion get.

Ch Legend's Shushup N Sho'em Cruz
Ch Legend's Rack Em Up Patrick L
Ch Legend's Litl Sizzle Britches
Ch Legend's Wind Up Rick-A-Shay
Ch Legend's N Tune With D'Marca
Ch Legend's Toe Tappin Travis
Ch Legend's Little Snuggle Bunny
Ch Legend's R U Watchin Me Win
Ch Legend's Simon Sez Comfort
Ch Osheza Darlin
Ch Legend's Winko De Mayo
Ch Legend's Too Cute To Stay Home
Ch Legend's Playboy Of Ginjim
Ch Rebound Kahlua Coloda Shogun
Ch Rebound Fuzzy Navel

Below is Ricky's pedigree

Ch D'marca Little Ricky Ricardo L
Record Of Merit

Ch Bolero Byond Blief At DMacra S ROM Ch Genbrook's Master Of Illusion Ch Dartan's Elfin Magic

Ch Pittores Overnight Sensation

Ch Jonhenri's Gypsy Torch Song Ch Pittores Saber Song

Ch Jonhenri's Blubell O'Bronwen

Perro De Marca Coqueta S ROM Ch Kay's Don Feleciano L Ch Casa Doj's Speculation

Kay's La Rina Dawn L

Ch Perro De Marca Manzana De Aden Ch Royal Aires Adams Apple

Royal Aires Proper Attire

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