According to the AKC standard the chihuahua breed is not categorized by size, such as the poodles. In fact the only thing mentioned about size in the AKC standard, is they are not to exceed 6 lbs. Naturally everything in life has the small end of the scale and the large end of the scale, but to say "We breed Teacup Chihuahuas" would be a very misleading statement in my opinion.

Unfortunately in life there are always a group of people that will try to mislead others by preying on their misinformation. We are not saying there are no small chihuahuas, there are. We are their biggest fans!

We do get a little upset when people say "all" little chihuahuas have problems. This too is a misleading statement. We have bred chihuahuas for many years and our smallest furkid barely reached a pound and a half as an adult, but we did not label him as a TEACUP. He was a small chihuahua; no more, no less and did live a long happy healthy life.

Although chihuahuas are the smallest breed in the world, the only proper "T" term used when referring to chihuahuas is they belong to the TOY GROUP, one of seven recognized AKC groups. If you seriously want a small chihuahua, buy one from an experienced breeder that has a knowledge of the breed and knows the difference between a healthy small chihuahua and an unhealthy small chihuahua!

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