How Do You Go About Show Training

1st - 3rd WEEKS

Actually I think we all start show training at birth.....touching the puppies every day, flipping up muzzle flap, laying them on their back and rubbing their tummies, just to name a few. AKC requires we all have our puppies identified, so before we tattoo our puppies we place big "hair" color coded rubber bands on them. They easily slide off in a bind, so as not to hurt them. Also mama and siblings tug at the bands in play and they get used to having a "tug" feeling around their necks.....once you introduce the leash, they are familiar with the feel of something around their necks. Here is Puzzle at 3 weeks with a gold hair band. Please remember someone is at our home 24-7

4th -5th WEEKS

As soon as they start trying to stand, I will place one hand under their rear and the other under the chest as I hold them in place on my knees. From my knees they go to the table. If they want to wiggle or lay down, I gently hold their rear in place, as I gently left their head up. I continue to talk to them and pet them a few seconds more to settle them. When they start to release the "uneasiness," I give them a little Nutra Cal and put them back with mama.

6th WEEK

Once they start eating, I stand them on my knees and offer them a "cookie" (or whatever name you want to give them for a treat). Say "cookie" every time you go past them during the day, and when they respond, give them a tiny piece. Of course by this time they are jumping up and down wanting you to pick them up. They have no fear of being handled on the table, having their bites checked or having their feet moved, as they are looking for their "cookie."

7th WEEK - 16 WEEKS

They are now self stacking when I come up to them in the x-pen, looking for that "cookie"! From this point they are stacked on 4 little olive cans, as they learn to stack for longer periods of time - without the "cookies." After they get off the cans, I place them on the floor, they self stack and I hand them the "cookie." By now they are self-stacking and following you all over the place without a leash and the leash becomes just a formality that AKC requires in the show there is really no "leash training".....they are still looking for the "cookie"!


Ch Legend's In The Beginning
Breeder Owner Barbara  & Ricky Davis
Finished April 29, 2017
Judge William Usherwood

Until they are table trained, never do anything negative on a table, such as blow drying, cleaning teeth, nail clipping or giving shots. The table should always remain a "positive" place to be!

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